With winter coming on, it is time to make sure that you have enough hay in the barn to last until your pastures are growing again next spring. While there are many factors to consider when calculating winter hay needs, we are giving you some conversions to simplify the process—and even providing you with a handy “Hay Calculator” to make the process even simpler!

Before performing any calculations, take these factors into consideration:

Now that you have considered these factors, use the following “Hay Calculator” to determine your livestock’s winter hay needs. Simply input your animal species, average animal weight, number of animals, number of days you will need to feed hay, and average bale weight. This will give you the total number of bales you will need to have in the barn to meet the needs of your animals until spring. Give it a try!

See link below to use the hay calculator!

Source: https://tractortoolsdirect.com/livestock-winter-hay-needs-hay-calculator/

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